Monday, 14 May 2018

The Star that Burns the Brightest

The Star that Burns the Brightest

Just a corner kick from Celtic Park
A flame haired boy would play
And in his heart was born a dream
To wear the hoops one day

He saw the people pass him by
On those gritty Calton streets
All on their way to Paradise
And his heart did skip a beat

Till the day his Da said, ‘Tommy!
It’s time for you to see
That famous Celtic Magic
My old man showed to me,’

So he watched McNeill and Johnstone
Bertie Auld and Murdoch too
How he yearned to pull those colours on
Show the crowd what he could do

The years slipped by so quickly
And that boy became a man
He lived his dream in Celtic’s green
As a player and a fan

He never forgot his Calton roots
As he stolled its gritty streets
Still shared a smile & talked a while
with the people he would meet

On the steps outside St Mary’s
I shook his hand one day
I smiled then as he told me of
The Glasgow Celtic way

Then one fine day I told my boys
‘It’s time for you to see
That famous Celtic Magic
My old man showed to me,’

And they sang of James McGrory
Of Larsson and McStay
And a Calton boy called Tommy Burns
Who played the Celtic way

He played his heart out in the green
And the fans sang out his name
The flame hair boy from Soho Street
Brought a beauty to the game

A supporter on the football field
A man who lived his dream
Such a joy to see our Tommy Burns
Grace our Celtic team

And the star that burns the brightest
Leaves a light that lingers yet
And though we had to say goodbye
We never will forget...

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