"The Green Brigade find ourselves disappointed to hear that Celtic Football Club has deemed it necessary to release a statement which we feel unfairly demonizes our group as well as the Celtic supporters who sit in our section in 111. Following amicable discussions held behind closed doors it seems entirely counter-productive for such a statement to be released.

The group held discussions on Wednesday night with representatives of the club and outlined our position regarding the safety concerns that have been raised in Celtic’s statement. It was made clear that the Green Brigade were not responsible for any pyrotechnics which were used during the match against Cliftonville at Celtic Park and had no knowledge of any fan’s intention to use them. We accept that it took place in our section however and as a group we will strive to deal with the matter and have warned fans on our website against such behaviour in 111. We also demonstrated our willingness to work with the club regarding the mosh pits and crowd surfing which is concerning the safety team. It is however worth noting that the claim made regarding 131 broken seats is an exaggeration. Several of our members visited the empty section on Wednesday night following the meeting, and whilst
evident that there was accidental damage, 131 broken seats appeared to be an embellishment. While this damage is regrettable it is totally accidental and simply a product of our sometimes boisterous style of support - intentional damage would not only be idiotic but it would not be tolerated.

A key safety concern mentioned was that of overcrowding. The group has worked with the club previously on this issue and urges those who do not have tickets for our section to stay away. We do our best to self-police the area in this regard however that has proven increasingly difficult, as Celtic this season had refused to allow us to control who has tickets for our block. If we do not know who has tickets for the area, and given that the stewards have proven their incompetence in this matter, it is extremely unfair to lay sole responsibility for this matter at the feet of the group. We have repeatedly requested that we have a regular stewarding team with whom we can build up a working relationship with in the hope that this will help with the issues raised.

Whilst the representatives of our group were willing to discuss the concerns that the club had, the club were extremely hesitant to discuss some of our concerns regarding the continual harassment of Celtic supporters. The Green Brigade have demonstrated a willingness to work with the club which is why we find it regrettable that the club have chosen to publicly castigate our section, and by doing so have invited the media to attack the Celtic support once more. At a time when Celtic supporters are being routinely harassed, intimidated and dragged through the courts we feel that this should hold greater priority than concerns over lateral movement.

It appears that Celtic Football Club are far more eager to publicly attack Celtic fans than they are to defend them."