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The Invisibles

The Invisibles

One of the great pleasures I get from social media is interacting with and occasionally meeting some wonderful folk. A lot of the people I’ve met in recent years have been doing great things to keep the charitable ethos of Celtic to the fore. One such person is Dermot Hill who is involved with an organisation called ‘The Invisibles’ which seeks to support some of those forced by circumstance to sleep rough in Glasgow. Part of their mission statement states…

‘’There is a large and often ignored homeless community in Glasgow. Indeed, even if a solitary individual is forced to sleep rough in our city, we should all consider that number to be one too many. At “The Invisibles”, it is not our aim to provide these people with accommodation or employment – although we wholeheartedly back such ideals – but to equip them with a variety of items to keep them as warm and comfortable as possible whilst they remain on the streets.’’

I had a chance to chat to Dermot at the recent Celtic Charity Foundation Sleep-out and this modest man, like the other good folk who give their time to support the homeless in our city, is motivated by the kind of altruism and decency which anyone who knows Celtic’s foundation story will recognise. I made a mental note on that chilly night to try and do something, however small, to help the Invisibles in their work.

When I discussed it with John O’Farrell who runs the excellent ‘Celtic Canvas Art’ he was keen to do what he could to help too. So a chain of events was set in motion which led us to this article. John (Judebox09) arranged for a picture of Kieran Tierney, taken by Vagelis Georgariou, (@vagelisgeo) to be printed onto canvas. With kind help from Jason Higgins (@ApuaCeltic) of the HomeBhoys Podcast the canvas was signed by the Celtic full back Kieran Tierney. Kieran knows the charitable purpose of the canvas and was more than happy to sign it. It is through the kindness of these four people that I am able to launch this fundraiser today.

I know that most of you must be emotionally and financially drained by the huge volumes of appeals and charitable ventures you’re asked to support so this one is a little different. Initial thoughts of auctioning the picture left me feeling that this might make it difficult for the less wealthy supporter to get involved. You are therefore asked to donate a minimum of £10 to the link below, more would be great if you can afford it. For this you will be given a number between 1 and 59. When all 59 numbers are gone I will post a list of names and their linked numbers on Twitter. The next National Lottery draw falling after all the numbers are gone will decide who wins.

First Prize is of course the wonderful signed canvas of Celtic star Kieran Tierney. The bonus ball number will be matched to our list of 59 names and whoever has that number will be the winner of the canvas. 

Second prize will go to the name matching the first number called in the Lottery draw. The prize for this, donated by Celtic stalwart Matt McGlone, will be a year's subscription to the excellent Celtic Fanzine ' The Alternative View' and a T Shirt of your choice from the 'Alternative T Shirt Company' collection. 

Third prize will go to the person with the number matching the second number called in the Lottery draw. This prize will consist of a signed copy of the Green Angel book, an excellent Celtic poster and two Celtic e-books. (The Gift of Celtic & The Green Angel) Jimmy McGrory's old Club, St Roch's Juniors have also kindly donated a season ticket too. 

John at Celtic Canvas Art will also give everyone who entered 10% off any items ordered.

It really is a very worthy cause to support and I urge you to get involved soon as I envisage the 59 numbers going quickly. It would also be nice to get things moving so that the winner can have their prizes for Christmas. Here is a checklist of what you must do to enter the draw and support those less fortunate:
  •      Make a minimum donation of £10 at the link below. More would be great if you can afford it.
  • Ensure you leave a message with your Twitter handle, email address or other point of contact so you can be notified if you win.
  • Watch Lisbon Lion’s (@Tirnaog09) twitter account to see which number you have been allocated.
  •  Watch Lisbon Lion’s (@Tirnaog09) twitter account which will announce when all 59 numbers are gone and which lottery draw will decide the winners.
  • If you win a prize Lisbon Lion will be in touch to deliver the items to you.
  • Click this link to begin:

Thanks are due to the excellent John O’Farrel at Celtic Canvas Art, Jason Higgins, Vagelis Georgariou  and of course Kieran Tierney. It goes without saying we can rely on Celtic men like Matt McGlone to support such a good cause but thanks go to him too nonetheless. Thank you also to everyone who donates money to help the Invisibles in their very worthy work. It would be nice to live in a society where homelessness doesn’t exist but while it does, we can each help in a small way those less fortunate. 

Brother Walfrid would approve.

Thank you, good luck and Hail Hail

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