Sunday, 11 August 2013



Why we follow Celtic

It’s no secret that this heart of mine

Is coloured white and green

But let me tell you why my friend

I follow Walfrid’s team


They were born among the destitute

They were raised on people’s toil

They fought so that the Shamrock

Might yet bloom on Scottish soil


They fed the poor and hungry

They gave the people pride

They welcomed all who chose to play

For Walfrid’s famous side


They played the game the Celtic way

Brought Irish flair and fire

Then tempered it with Scottish steel

To greatness they aspired


From the St Mary’s Hall to Lisbon's sun

What a journey they have made!

And Walfrid’s team is now renowned

Wherever football’s played


From Maley, Doyle and Thompson

To McGrory and Jock Stein

 Dalglish, McStay and Larsson

Great men have worn the green!


And the people who gave this great club life

Who built it from the start

Still come each week to feel that pride

Which swells their Celtic hearts


‘Football without fans is nothing’

A wise man once did say

As he led our Bhoys to glory

And made them play the Celtic way


So why have we followed Walfrid’s team

Across these many years?

Perhaps because they made us dream

As we shared the joys and tears


Today he sits,  cast in bronze

To watch us come and go

Those eyes which saw such suffering

As few of us could know


He’d smile to know we still revere

His famous Celtic team

Still reach out to those in need

Still proud to wear the green!













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